Sunday, December 13, 2009

Boredom Swells - Self Titled

Boredom Swells - Boredom Swells (Grunge, Punk, Rock, USA) / MP3

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Anonymous said...

For future notice, the final release (the actual self-titled record) will be: 1.) Actions Speak Louder, 2.) So Said You [Waldron/Fincham], 3.) Pessimist, 4.) Cheese-Face, 5.) Mind the Gap [Nuzum/Fincham], 6.) Taken, and 7.) Killer... officially; which I assume are already in the file as either original non-album mixes, rough cuts, instrumentals, or demos (probably all .mp3's). Not sure when it will ever come out, but it started in 2007. It's gonna be on Mouse Productions (formerly "Records").

'Mind the Gap' [2008] was on SoundClick from a Rusted Conceptions compilation, and made it to number 7 on the Indie charts...

Thanks for putting up the file! =]