Sunday, April 12, 2009

Where did i saw this cover!

Do you know King of Conspiracy? They are a Rock, Progressive and Punk band from UK. Their sound is creative and innovative! They are at "Artists" section!

Some weeks ago, when they released their first official single "Youth Against the Empire", released by Catcutter Records, i visited to watch it. When i saw the cover album i feel something familiar, something strange! I ask myself: Where did i saw the girl on the cover? My memory didn't gave me (in the moment) any answer to this question...

But after some days, i was checking some old albums of the 90's and the words "Dinosaur Jr." & "Green Mind" hit me like a thunder!

Conclusion: The first official King of Conspiracy single have the same picture of Dinosaur Jr. fourth album "Green Mind" (released in 1991)...

I send a message to King of Conspiracy through myspace asking if this was a coincidence or a tribute or something else! I didn't got any feedback but they changed the cover of the single in their official myspace. You can check it at Itunes here.

See the differences:

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Nirvana turn rock less fun?

As you may know, the vocalist of The Killers, Brandon Flowers said to the English newspaper "Daily Star" that Nirvana and Grunge steal the diversion of rock, it stayed less fun...

What the hell of comment was this? Less fun? Who said that rock should be only about fun? Rock is not a toy or something that you can control with a joystick! Rock is a music genre very diverse and alternative!

Rock should be synonymous of freedom, originality, what goes on your mind, its all about soul! It should be whatever you want to be, it don't or shouldn't have rules, models, etc! Maybe Brandon Flowers doesn't know where rock come from?! Blues...

With the revolutionary Nirvana sound, many doors were opened to the alternative rock sound in the 90's. If Kurt Cobain, his fellows and the other grunge artists never existed in our history, the music would be very poor at the moment! I don't want to think in such a bad thing right now...

What a stupid thing to say, Brandon Flowers!

If you don't like it, don't listen it!

For example, I don't like The Killers sound, so i don't loose my time listening their songs, but i don't have nothing against the ones who like this happy fellows, who only want to make "fun music"!

Thank god, for all the Grunge sound created on Earth! If this genre didn't exist, i will be depressive, not happy!