Tuesday, March 4, 2008

A new Minerva TV is Online?! Why?

The reason for abandon the first Minerva music channel was the quality of it (so many pixels, i don't understand why?) and it didn't provide the random option that i always want. So with this new television, everytime that you start to watch it, the video playlist will always be random = watching this channel will be always different and new for you guys, not be tired of it! The quality is equal to youtube.com, place where most of the videos come from!

By now you can assist to 49 videos of all kinds, videoclips, concerts, interviews, music movie trailers that i think interesthing etc... The number of videos will increase soon!

I already updated Minerva website here with this new channel!

And by the way, you can download Miro software to subscribe this channel and others. the program downlaod every videos from the channel for you computer!

I hope you enjoy!

Here's the address: http://minervacorner.totalh.com/07.Multimedia/videos.html

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