Monday, March 17, 2008

Navel - Frozen Souls

This is the first Navel debut album, its call "Frozen Souls" and it will be release 28 of March. For now you can listen to the single "Somehow" and now you can download one of the respective album songs. It have the same name of the album: Frozen Souls - Download it here

The song is fucking amazing, GOD BLESS NAVEL!!!

By the way, here are the complete tracklist:
1 Frozen Souls (04:54)
2 Lovetrap (03:17)
3 Keep My Dry (04:10)
4 Somehow (03:56)
5 So Much Left To Say (01:35)
6 Is It You (04:08)
7 For A While (06:10)
8 Blue World (04:21)
9 Out of My Way (05:37)
10 Dressed In Satin (03:26)
11 Vomiting (03:33)
12 No Name No.12 (01:12)
13 No Harm (07:48)

The world needs more bands like Navel!

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Nevermind said...

Great Band!!! I've searched this album for a long time, do you upload the full album? please ^^