Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Long time, no posts

Hi everyone, i know that this blog & website restructuring is taking too long, but don't desperate everything will be ready and release soon!

By the way, if you want to check how are the construction of all Minerva places you can do it at the official Minerva Twittter. You can also be a follower of it, to get all the news, updates via email or cell phone!

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Minerva Blog Experimental Phase



This blog will suffer some design modifications as you can see right now, but this new layout is only temporally!

Sunday, August 17, 2008

N!RGEnDWo - Meine Helden

"Meine Helden" is the new video of Nirgendwo, it means My Heros! Enjoy!

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Nomad 67 song at Poneman interview

Jonathan Poneman, co-founder, Sub Pop Records
Jonathan Poneman, co-founder, Sub Pop Records

"Better Off", the originally Nomad 67 song is featured in an interview with Jonathan Poneman, co-founder of Sub Pop Records..

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Green River is alive!

Green River at the Sub Pop 20 years party!

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Skewer - Stayed

Skewer is one of the most active grunge band from Portugal (there are few). This is their first official video, the respective song "Stayed" is the first single from "Whatever" EP.

If you want to now more about this band here's the official myspace and official website:

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Last 48 Hours of Kurt Cobain documentary

US TV had this Saturday a program that i love to watch: The Last 48 Hours of Kurt Cobain documentary . There's no old members interview or Nirvana music at this documentary but it have very interesting interviews, one his with ex-Guns N' Roses bassist Duff McKagan, who spent time with Cobain in his final days.

I can't see it on TV, but i and all of you have so here's the videos:

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

Part 4:

Part 5:

Part 6:

Part 7:

Part 8:

Part 9:

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Minerva new website was released just right now!

Minerva new website was released just right now!

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Sunday, June 29, 2008

Minerva Update

As you may know, Minerva website will have a new version in the 5 of July! The design will be very different from the actual website!

The old addresses will not be erase, but if you enter on them, you will be automaticaly redirect to which is the new and final Minerva address.

The old addresses that i am talking about are:

One of the new things of this new Minerva website will be a music store that will sell cd's and mp3 from underground bands from all around the world!

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Pandora - Shoot Me I'll Pay You

Pandora, the Belgian band formed by Annie (guitar/vox), her sister Mia (bass) and Christian (drums) had released their first EP "Shoot Me I'll Pay You". I already got it, it have four great tracks that you should listen! With this EP they bring back authentic Grunge to the twenty one century!

They will release their debut album in September 2008, while simultaneously the US-American Underground Label Uncouth (same label of Spayed) will release Pandora vinyl 7" 2 song EP.

In autumn, the trio will be headliner at the Austrian {R}EVOLUTION Open Air Festival, followed by a quick tour through Austria and Germany. For those who don't know Pandora already open Navel concerts over Europe.

Pandora are full of talent and they will be big!!

Monday, June 9, 2008

Blog Problems

I don't know what happened but this weekend this blog gain some bugs in the messages! Every posts with pictures stopped to be align!

I will try to fix it soon!

Saturday, May 24, 2008

The fever of MP3 stores...

I am a fan of cds (i born with them)! There is nothing better for me to have the complete music pack of my favourite artists! I love to see the real covers, read the lyrics, see the details of the record etc. I know that vinyl have a better sound but this music format is too big for carrying etc... I only have one vinyl, but its more for collection than other thing! Its Navel first single "Forsaken Speech / Manners & Philosophies"...

But what should i do when the cds aren't available at music stores and even at illegal sharing places like torrents and emules?

This is why i started to bought music at digital stores! It have a very good thing, when you buy it, you get it! Its very fast!

The last store that i loose my mind was Itunes! It have a great offer, and now many albums are being selling with DRM-Free (Itunes Plus), its good for me because i don't have a Ipod [they are the only MP3 players that can read the protected MP4 (AAC) songs from Itunes]i have a Creative Zen.

So i bought:

I am a fan of cds (i born with them)! There is nothing better for me to have the complete music pack of my favourite artists! I love to see the real covers, read the lyrics, see the details of the record etc. I know that vinyl have a better sound but this music format is too big for carrying etc... I only have one vinyl, but its more for collection than other thing! Its Navel first single "Forsaken Speech / Manners & Philosophies"...

But what should i do when the cds aren't available at music stores and even at illegal sharing places like torrents and emules?

This is why i started to bought music at digital stores! It have a very good thing, when you buy it, you get it! Its very fast!

The last store that i loose my mind was Itunes! It have a great offer, and now many albums are being selling with DRM-Free (Itunes Plus), its good for me because i don't have a Ipod [they are the only MP3 players that can read the protected MP4 (AAC) songs from Itunes]i have a Creative Zen.

So i bought:

Bitch Alert - I Can Feel Your Bones

Bitch Alert - Kill Your Darlings

Bitch Alert - Pay For Orgasm

Navel - Vomiting EP

The Valley - The Valley EP

In my opinion Itunes, and are the best digital music stores worldwide!

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Minerva Evolution & Revolution!

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The Subways Track-By-Track

Do you know that the Subways are set to release their second album?! They had recorded the album some time ago, its strange why the album is taking so much time to be release! By the away, an interesthing thing about this tracks: they were recorded with the sound engineer Butch Vig (the man who recorded Nevermind in 1990/91 with Nirvana). In the next words you can read their thoughts about the new songs:

"Billy, Charlotte and Josh give ROCK SOUND an exclusive track-by-track guide to their new album 'All Or Nothing'…

Billy: “We wrote it when we were on tour in America and I remember playing it for the first time when we were soundchecking. Everybody came out and went, ‘What the fuck is that, man? That rocks!’ It's about alienation – not feeling part of any wave, scene or style.”

Billy: “‘Kalifornia’ is basically about celebrity culture and how everybody strives for this huge dream, which is completely and utterly empty and devoid of anything. I just want to tear the throat out of these fucking idiots who contribute nothing to society. If you think back to 100 years ago people who were famous were artists, poets, politicians, scientists and now it's fucking imbeciles who have nothing to say hogging the limelight.”

Billy: “It's just a song about struggle, basically. It's about everything that's gone on in this band. We truly believe that, ‘Every single second is another chance for you to turn it all around’. It's a quote from Penelope Cruz's character in ‘Vanilla Sky’. You've got to keep going and believe that you can turn it all around. It's like the cycle of life. It's going to go up sometimes and it's going to go down sometimes. I think that's our poppiest song.”

Billy: “I wrote the chorus for that ages ago. The bedroom I shared with Josh had a really crap wall between us, so you can hear everything that's going on.”
Josh: “I was in my tiny little room next door and I came out and knocked on the door and went [cigar-chomping American manager voice], ‘That's a hit! You guys are gonna be big!’”
Billy: “The lyrics are basically about feeling utterly useless, but wanting to do good. It is about doubting myself as a brother, a son, a boyfriend or a songwriter even – feeling a little bit incapable. And then I came out with one of my best songs!” [laughs].

Billy: “I wrote the lyrics whilst high because I was really ill in Germany. I had food poisoning and we were over there to do a few shows. On one of them I played for about three songs and just collapsed. I was carried back to the hotel and the doctor came and injected my bum with this drug and said, ‘Just let him sleep for about 30 hours’. I woke up and I was feeling shit and I switched on the TV, the only English speaking show was this programme on fishermen in Newlyn and I thought, ‘I'd kill to be back in the UK. I'd kill to be in Newlyn just chilling out by the seaside’. I wrote the chorus and a few lines and, during our period off, I just wrote about wanting to get out there and be a sponge and see all of these things. All of these songs have got such positive sentiments. I sound like such a fucking smug git.”

Billy: “That's clearly about falling out of love and falling back in.”
Charlotte: “My favourite line in the whole record is, ‘I like an option but I hate to choose’. That's such a great line because it's so fucking true.”
Billy: “That song is just me laying the conflict out. You've got to be totally honest.”
Charlotte: “It's not just about me and Billy breaking up. It's about everything that he's experienced to make him such an honest songwriter.”

Billy: “That's about arguments and about wanting to be a better person. It's laying down the promise and I'm going to fucking stick to it.”
RS: You can't help but let people down though can you?
Billy: “That's the thing, man. At least I'm gonna try. Obviously I was feeling guilty [about the break-up with Charlotte] and we were hurt on both parts I think… Yeah… yeah… yeah [trails off].”


Billy: “That's just a pure fun song. A, ‘Let's 'ave it’ song. It's about how I really don't believe in apathy. The attitude that ignorance is bliss is something that I think is disgusting.”
Charlotte: “Some people are just prepared to sit back and hope things come to them – they’re content to do something that they're not completely happy with. No, you have to strive.”
Billy: “All of these people who are so indifferent… I just want to shake the apathy out of them and go, ‘Fucking care!' Look at the world around you!’”

Billy: “The chorus was originally, ‘I could travel 10,000 miles so I could see your smile,’ and then I played it to you [Charlotte] and you went, ‘No, it's not right is it?’ She said, ‘I would travel 10,000 miles so I could escape your smile,’ and I thought [ruefully], ‘Yeah!’ [small voice] ‘Prick.’”

Billy: “That was one of those things where the simplest thing took the longest to do. It was the simplest guitar line and it took me two days. People who work in the studio were going, ‘Do you want me to come in and play it for you?’ I remember being really proud of that song. I played it to my mum and she fucking cried and I went, ‘Oh you fucking pussy!’ She goes, ‘Billy, you're so talented!’ – Shut up mum.”

Billy: “That's celebratory. It's always fine to hold on to your sorrow, as long as you use it – as long as you learn from it. It's one of my favourite tracks on the record. It was really nice because we didn't have a lot of expectations with this record. People at the label were like [indifferently], ‘Yeah, you're gonna work with Butch Vig but…’ But when we came back with the album they were like, ‘Fucking hell! This is actually really good’. There were no expectations whatsoever. There was no label presence in the studio throughout the whole thing. It's one of those tracks that I don't think people are going to get right away, but I really like it.”

Charlotte: “That's completely Billy.”
Billy: “That's my track. These guys let me put it on the record. That's my indulgence. I wrote it when I couldn't sing. It's quite soft so I could sing the melody. It was around that autumn time when everything's really beautiful and orange, and you're reminiscing about the summer before – about going out and having fun, and after a night out drinking, standing with your lady by the taxi rank and saying, ‘You know, I can't wait to get home and cuddle up and watch a movie.’ I don't like to think of it as soppy, but just really, really heartfelt. I've never wanted or felt compelled to write a song like that before.”

For more details you can go here

Monday, May 5, 2008

Frozen Souls

Finally, finally i got the Navel "Frozen Souls" album in CD format (mp3 could be cool but the cd is the real thing)! I was waiting for it before Navel get signed with Louis Ville (i became a Navel fan maybe three/ four years ago when they begin their music career. The band had different members etc)! About the album, the first music impression is GREAT! Navel rocks! Here's some real pictures of the album, cd and covers!

Friday, May 2, 2008

The 27s - The Greatest Myth of Rock & Roll Book Trailer

"Delve into the history of The 27s. Trailer for a forthcoming indie book that weaves music history from the lives and legacies of Jimi Hendrix, Brian Jones, Robert Johnson, Kurt Cobain & Nirvana, The Mars Volta, Minutemen, the Stooges, Big Star, the Jim Morrison & the Doors, Canned Heat, the Drifters, Janis Joplin, Jesse Belvin, Echo & the Bunnymen, Badfinger, Dyke & the Blazers, American Head Charge, Uriah Heep, Keef Hartley Band, Triumvirat, and many more.

Sign up at to stay updated on the most exciting indie book release of 2008. Fully illustrated over 292 pages."

By the way the trailer is very cool!

Monday, April 28, 2008


With internet revolution many bands offer their music for free, i found some songs with too much quality to be free?! It belongs to Juda, an alternative, indie and rock band from Italy. Their album its call "Respiri & Sospiri". You can download all the respective 10 songs at their myspace:

Thank you Juda!

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Seattle is alive again...

Yeah its true, Seattle have a band that makes me think that grunge is alive again. They are The Valley. Their sound is full of grungy guitars, powerfull drums and a cool bass. Check them here:

My latest cds...

In the last weeks i bought four cds that are more than cool! I never thought that i would like so much of this new four cds! They are (alphabetic order):

# I Heart Hiroshima - Tuff Teef (Valve, 2007) - Alternative, indie, scratchy and noise guitars from Australia...

# Minus - Halldor Laxness (Victory, 2003) - Agressive Iceland tunes, rock hard, this is a good cd for shacking your head!

# Scout Niblett - This Fool Can Die Now (Too Pure, 2007) - With more melodies than the olders, some reviwers say that she is the feminist version of Kurt Cobain, and i understand why! I love this english girl ;)

# Vampire Weekend - Vampire Weekend (XL, 2007) - New York, alternative, indie but they innovate, you have to listen, They are the revelations of 2008...

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Alice In Chains girl ?!

Hey i found it, i found the fan number one girl of Alice In Chains! And she "rocks hard" ehehe ;)

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Maximum Nirvana

In 11 of April, 2008 Germany had a show dedicated to Nirvana organized by with the following artists/ bands:

You can see it throught this animate pictures:

Its great seeing people doing this events!

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Grunge Music the New Classic Rock

Interesting article by Lizz Shepherd. You can read it here

"In the last few years, some classic rock stations have begun mixing early 90s hits into their classic rock formats. But, is grunge rock old enough to be considered classic? The typical classic rock format includes music from the mid-50s through the 80s. Of course, as time passes, the amount of time included into the definition of the classic rock era will grow. At one time, that term included only music from the 50s and 60s.

The grunge era did come with its big names that are sure to endure into the next few decades. Classic rock stations that include grunge are playing Nirvana, Pearl Jam and Alanis Morissette singing such generational anthems as Smells Like Teen Spirit, Jeremy and You Oughta Know. Stone Temple Pilots, Bush and Mudhoney singles are quickly recognizable by anyone who was into grunge in the early 90s, and classic rock stations are the only ones who now play a lot of these hits. The other alternative, of course, is to turn to VH1 to get your fill of grunge. Many Generation Xers have found that the station they made fun of for playing the soft rock hits their parents loved are now playing their own generation’s music.

In addition to the now-classic grunge sound, a new classification rose up in the last few years, identifying some of the best mid-90s bands as being a separate genre called post-grunge. The sound of post-grunge is said to be the offshoot of grunge music that occurred in the mid-90s. The sound was a little lighter and more commercial, and later led to the resurgence of pop music on the charts. Whether grunge and post-grunge music are the same thing is a question that might be better solved in another 10 or 20 years, but both do have a similar sound and share a decade.

If post-grunge is a distinct music genre, does it too qualify as classic rock? Since the current mainstream position is that grunge ran from the early 90s through the end of the decade, it probably does. Then there is the question as to whether this means music made less than 10 years ago should be considered classic. For those who remember the decade fondly, probably not. Giving the classic moniker to music that young just makes everyone feel older. And for those who remember the 60s fondly, who their children's music being considered classic?"

Friday, April 11, 2008

Sadgasm invented grunge!

Yeah its true! Sadgasm the Springfield band invented Grunge sound! The band was lead by Homer Simpson and everything started in the early 90's. Aa aa :)


Don't you know Spayed?

Minus - Throwaway Angel

Minus Throwaway Angel

Heavy drugs = misery... The new Minus video is a little shocking!

Saturday, April 5, 2008

Kurt Donald Cobain (February 20, 1967 – April 5, 1994)

Kurt Cobain

Today, 5 of April of 2008, make 14 years since Kurt Cobain's dead! He left us his great music legacy which influenced and continue to influence so many bands, artists, people around the world! And the prove of this statement is seeing younger kids borned after 1994, loving Nirvana songs, buying their records or their songs, post Nirvana songs, images, statements, lyrics etc on their myspaces.. So i think i have to say this: Thanks Kurt Cobain for your important (music) contribution to this world! Without you music would be very bothersome!

Kurt Cobain

The Vines - Braindead (new Upcoming album)

As you know The Vines are set to release their 4th album 'Brain Dead' which will be released independently through Ivy League while for band shops for a deal internationally. I found a cool interview (first youtube video of this post) about the present and the future of The Vines with Craigh Nicholls (he looks great!, for those who don't now, Nicholls was diagnosed with the neurobiological disorder Asperger syndrome some years ago, and after that he entered on treatment). The second one is the live video of one new Braindead track which have the same name...

Monday, March 31, 2008

Nirvana - Drain You (Cover by Patrick Cuesta)

Very well done, i like it! You can visit his myspace profile at or see more videos at

Friday, March 28, 2008

Pennywise - Reason To Believe (FREE MP3 ALBUM DOWNLOAD)

Yes its true, the Californian hardcore punk rock band Pennywise are offering their new album, "Reason To Believe" for free mp3 download at through their new label: Myspace Records!

The only thing you have to do is have an account at, add Textango as your friend, after this you'll get a link to get a free high quality download (320 kbps without DRM). As they say at their official myspace: "NO SPAM, NO TRICKS, NO BULLSHIT".

By the way, the album download include the artwork with the lyrics and notes of the recording in pdf format! If you like punk and mp3's don't loose this opportunity, because the album rocks!!

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Converse to launch Kurt Cobain collection!

Converse are about to release a very special collection of shoes, inspired by Kurt Cobain and sanctioned by Courtney Love and the Cobain estate. In this world exclusive, the NFC will bring you the first high resolution pictures ever published of the shoes and the first description of what the collection offers.

To honor Cobain, in May, Converse will debut their Kurt Cobain collection of shoes featuring artwork and scribbles borrowed from Cobain's personal notebooks. It will mark a central part of the year-long 100th Anniversary 'Welcome to the Converse Century' celebration.

"Distressed in the way Kurt Cobain wore them, the shoes provide a rarely seen glimpse into the head of this musical and lyrical genius with sketches that display his hopes, dreams and lyrics from amazing songs such as Come As You Are."

To further pay tribute to the late singer, three of the Converse shoes that Cobain was often seen wearing will be reflected in the new collection which includes versions of Chuck Taylor All Star, Jack Purcell and One Star shoes. To make the collection even more unique, they'll have wear and fray detailing and Kurt Cobain's signature subtly embroidered on the shoe's outer.

The shoes will be made available in black and white versions and should retail for around $50 - $65.

Below you can find exclusive high-res images of the shoes:

There are no current plans to use Nirvana songs in connection with the marketing campaign that will be used to launch the shoes. However, this line of shoes represents the first collection or collaboration that the Cobain estate has done with a brand at all.

All text and images from

Monday, March 17, 2008

Navel - Frozen Souls

This is the first Navel debut album, its call "Frozen Souls" and it will be release 28 of March. For now you can listen to the single "Somehow" and now you can download one of the respective album songs. It have the same name of the album: Frozen Souls - Download it here

The song is fucking amazing, GOD BLESS NAVEL!!!

By the way, here are the complete tracklist:
1 Frozen Souls (04:54)
2 Lovetrap (03:17)
3 Keep My Dry (04:10)
4 Somehow (03:56)
5 So Much Left To Say (01:35)
6 Is It You (04:08)
7 For A While (06:10)
8 Blue World (04:21)
9 Out of My Way (05:37)
10 Dressed In Satin (03:26)
11 Vomiting (03:33)
12 No Name No.12 (01:12)
13 No Harm (07:48)

The world needs more bands like Navel!

Witch - Paralyzed

By Michael Tedder review from
Poor Kyle Thomas. It can't be easy being the singer and guitarist for any group that features indie ax-god J. Mascis in the line-up—even if the Dinosaur Jr. genius is relegated to the drum stool. (Taylor Hawkins, of Foo Fighters fame, could probably commiserate.) To Thomas' credit, though, Witch's new album is filled with several moments of guitar playing so mammoth, heavy and psychedelically tweaked that it's easy to imagine him saying, "Who's the guitar legend now, old man?" in between his thunderous licks.

And though there's nothing on the group's second album, Paralyzed, that's going to make anyone forget that J. Fucking Mascis is in the band but not playing guitar, Thomas's efforts to rise to the occasion results in a thoroughly entertaining stoner-metal album. Not that Mascis is slacking on his end either, as his galloping, energetic playing gives Witch a punk energy that keeps the sometimes stodgy songs moving forward.

Among the highlights are "1000 MPH," which is both concrete-thick and viciously quick at the same time, and "Psychotic Rock," which features a nifty drum breakdown and fuzz-out guitar solo coda. The album's closing track, "Old Trap Line," slows things down to a Sabbath-worthy crawl for a change of pace, whereas "Space God" indulges in time honored stoner-metal touches like pretty acoustic guitars and psychedelic vocal effects. Thomas, who also plays in the folk group Feathers, has a voice perfectly suited to this racket. It blends in well without calling attention to itself, which is probably for the best considering that the few lyrics can be made out ("Gods who walk the earth," or "Pools of light, slowing fate") suggest that he's just knowingly playing with classic rock fantasy tropes. But in fairness, Witch's success is proof that those tropes, when handled well, can still be surprisingly delightful.

Tracklist For Paralyzed:
01. Eye
02. Gone
03. 1000 MPH
04. Space God
05. Disappear
06. Sweet Sue
07. Psychotic Rock
08. Mutated
09. Old Trap Line

DOWNLOAD "1000 Mph"

Lou Reed: MP3s sound awful and nobody cares!

"Lou Reed is lashing out at new modes of audio technology, saying that "people have got to demand a higher standard" than current MP3 music files.

The edgy rocker delivered the keynote speech at the South By Southwest Music Festival + Conference, which is underway in Austin, Texas.

Reed was interviewed Wednesday by producer Hal Willner, who recently worked with him on the opulent "Berlin" concerts in which the musician delivered a theatricalised concert version of his under-appreciated 1973 concept album of the same name. Those shows are the subject of "Lou Reed's Berlin," a documentary by Oscar-nominated director Julian Schnabel that had its American premiere at SXSW.

In typically glib and dry-witted form throughout the wide-ranging 55-minute conversation, the bespectacled Reed bemoaned the current state of audio and other digital technologies, noting that "it's like the technology is taking us backwards. It's making it easier to make things worse.

"Here's our song reduced to a pindrop - what, what, what?!" Reed explained. "It's like if no one knows any better or doesn't care, it's gonna stay on a really, really low level and people who like good sound are gonna be thought of as some kind of strange zoo animal."

Reed did express some hope that "you hear they've got a newer version (of MP3) that sounds better, and you suddenly hear the other instruments that are on the song. They've got to bring up the standard. You have the world open to you now; you can get almost any song in the world as an MP3, and I suppose if you like it you can go out and try to find a version you can actually listen to - if you like good sound. If you don't like good sound, none of this matters for a second."

During the session, Reed said he plans to stage the "Berlin" shows in Europe this summer but not in the United States. The "Berlin" concert concept "wasn't an audition to do more of these things" with any of his other albums, though he said 1992's "Magic and Loss" and 1978's "Street Hassle" would be good candidates if he did want to try it again." text from

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

A new Minerva TV is Online?! Why?

The reason for abandon the first Minerva music channel was the quality of it (so many pixels, i don't understand why?) and it didn't provide the random option that i always want. So with this new television, everytime that you start to watch it, the video playlist will always be random = watching this channel will be always different and new for you guys, not be tired of it! The quality is equal to, place where most of the videos come from!

By now you can assist to 49 videos of all kinds, videoclips, concerts, interviews, music movie trailers that i think interesthing etc... The number of videos will increase soon!

I already updated Minerva website here with this new channel!

And by the way, you can download Miro software to subscribe this channel and others. the program downlaod every videos from the channel for you computer!

I hope you enjoy!

Here's the address:

Sunday, March 2, 2008

Minerva TV is online!

Minerva: The Grunge and Alternative Music TV is online free for you! Made through

In the flash window that you see below this text you can choose the videos from the channel, you only have to click on the "videos" button at the superior right corner of the window. You can rate the videos, see the information of then (inferior left corner of the window), you have the normal controllers (play, stop, next, volume, fullscreen etc) and finally you can grab the code to add on places like myspace, blogger, facebook, orkut etc... I hope you enjoy!

Saturday, March 1, 2008

Navel - Somehow (videoclip)

This is the single/ videoclip from the first Navel album which will be release in the 29th of March... By the way this videoclip is already a MTV video (here's the prove)... Finally some good music! ;)

NAVEL - Somehow

Add to My Profile | More Videos

For more information about Navel click here


Sunday, February 24, 2008

Vampire Weekend?

What a funny videoclip!

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Grunge Rock in Pop Culture: Lexicon of Grunge

An interview with Megan Jasper, a sales representative for Sub Pop Records who told a reporter from the NY Times a set of made-up slang terms that she claimed were associated with the Seattle grunge scene in the early 1990's. Also featured is "Grunge Fashion" and a Muzak version of Nirvana's Smells Like Teen Spirit

Grunge History?

VH1 Documentary of Grunge including Nirvana, Alice In Chains, Pearl Jam, Mudhoney, Soundgarden, Tad and many more...






Monday, February 18, 2008

Naomi Records

The structure of music distribution is changing so much...

"Noori Records is a new Record Label, created in 2008. We're not a regular record label. We're different. We understand the urge that people have to get music for free. We understand that artists want to get money from their work. We understand that "digital" is the next big thing. We understand those who still feel like they need a physical item.

We're new. If you're an artist and want to know more about us, maybe you're looking for a label where to release... contact us.

If you want to get updated about Noori Records, just ask."

Friday, February 15, 2008

Nirvana - Nevermind

Its incredible, the second album that Nirvana release in 1991, Nevermind have already seventeen years old and i never get tired of it! Sometimes i stop listening it, but after some weeks or months it sound fresh again. Nevermind have such great songs like "Smells Like Teen Spirit" that turned on the most emblematic song of the 90's and started a the music revolution that everyone knows. It also have Come As You Are, In Bloom, Lithium (my favorite Nirvana song), Polly, Territorial Pissings, Something In The Way etc.. Conclusion: in my opinion this album doesn't have a bad or medium song, they are all great! I think this is one of the reasons that Nevermind became a music classic, it didn't and doesn't stuck in time, like fashion music etc... The prove is seeing young people (that born after Kurt's dead in 1994) listening and loving Nirvana.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Monday, February 4, 2008

Create Digital Music

Today i found a great forum/ blog about everything related with the creation of Digital Music. Its very completed and it can be a true help for beginners in this fields:

I hope you enjoy!

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Otep - Breed (Nirvana Cover)

For their new video, Otep created a spiritual, but nightmarish vision for their cover of Nirvana's "Breed" from their new album, The Ascension, which came out (Oct 30). The band shot the clip earlier this year with director Paul Brown, who helped Otep craft a surreal commentary about materialism, the media and perceptions of happiness." - MTV.COM

For those who don't know Otep, you can read their biography at

Monday, January 28, 2008

Jaed - Gutter Girl

Melbourne songstress Vannessa Eve has more than a few issues. At only 16 years old, according to her bio, she had been kicked out of home, lived on the streets and had a serious drug habit. In fact, in between busking for change and being arrested for shoplifting (when she happened to meet a producer who gave her her big break), she has written some of Dirty Days in rehab and signed to Instant Karma records. By all accounts, then, she has the credentials to match some of her musical idols; Nirvana, the Pixies and the queen of girl rock; Courtney Love.

Find more about Jaed at Minerva Website

Qtrax Launch

Qtrax, the world's first 100% free and legal P2P music service was launched today! You can already download the Qtrax software (beta version) and make the your registration (i can't do it, maybe because my country isn't on their list) but as i experienced you have to wait a little more hours or days (i don't know) to start downloading some of the 9695469 free songs (they promise to have 25 million) like for example the new album of Foo Fighters.

So i think we have to wait a little more time...

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

I wouldn't steal

Finally somethings are starting to change!

Friday, January 18, 2008

Steal This Film

Yesterday i saw a film divided in two parts about the changes of world media and information caused by the file sharing over the internet like peer-to-peer or torrents. It also talks about the history of file sharing over the internet, the respective consequences etc... Its a very good documentary for understanding the reasons that some groups of people stand up for piracy and for technologies who permit people share, a old need that human being have since we started to live on earth, because without sharing we can't evolute evolute, and if you don't believe me think how does a baby start to speak?! You have to see this film :)

This film was made for share, so you don't have any legal problem if you download it! They want you to do it here:

Saturday, January 12, 2008

The Layne Staley Tribute Video

See the video here

"This is the video that played during the changeover from the electric to acoustic set on the 2006 Alice in Chains tour. For those of you who came out to the shows, it’s a chance to view it again and maybe catch something you missed the first time, and for those of you who haven’t seen it yet, it’s a brief look at a little of what made so many of us love Layne so much; a great sense of humor, an incredible stage presence, and of course that voice. He is missed…" Baldy

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Monday, January 7, 2008

Mão Morta - Lisboa

This videoclip from 1992 represent the sick world of drugs in Lisboa. This videoclip was directed by António Forte e Nuno Tudela and the music is from the Portuguese band Mão Morta. The song is called Lisboa and its from "Mutantes S21" album. You can say: "Oh it looks so old!", but i love it (the song and the video)!

For those who don't know Lisboa (the name of the song) is the capital of Portugal!