Saturday, December 8, 2007

Sub Pop 200

Sub Pop 200 is a great compilation of grunge. It was release in 1988 and it represents the beginning of grunge, principally in Seattle, because the label Sub Pop and most or all this bands are from this land. I think everyone who likes grunge should listen this compilation because it have a lot of bands, most of then i didn't know, but you can find Nirvana, Soundgarden, Green River, Screaming Trees, Mudhoney, Tad etc on it... And is interesting listening some bands playing songs in a very different way that is know, like for example Soundgarden...

Songs/ bands from it:
* 1 Sex God Missy Tad
* 2 Is It Day I'm Seeing? Fluid
* 3 Spank Thru Nirvana
* 4 Come Out Tonight Steven Bernstein
* 5 The Rose Mudhoney
* 6 Got No Chains Walkabouts
* 7 Dead Is Dead Hale, Terry Lee
* 8 Sub Pop Rock City Soundgarden
* 9 Hangin' Tree Green River
* 10 Swallow My Pride Fastbacks
* 11 The Outback Blood Circus
* 12 Zoo Swallow
* 13 Underground Chemistry Set
* 14 Gonna Find a Cave Girl Trouble
* 15 Split Nights And Days
* 16 Big Cigar Cat Butt
* 17 Pajama Party in a Haunted Hive Beat Happening
* 18 Love or Confusion Screaming Trees
* 19 Untitled Steve Fisk
* 20 You Lost It Thrown Ups

This cd is a rarity because Sub Pop don't make it anymore, is something like the famous single of Nirvana "Love Buzz"... If anyone have it precious, i only can say one thing: you should be very proud to have this cd or vinyl, and you are a lucky one...

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