Saturday, December 8, 2007

Kristen Barry

I can't found nothing about this girl of the 90's, no biography, no cd's for sale (the only store who sells Kristen Barry cd's is etc.. But she have or had? a great talent for composing songs...

This is the album that i am talking about, it's called "The Beginning.The Middle.The End" from 1996 (Virgin Label).


Codemon said...

If you're still interested,I have some interesting info on Seattle-based KB:

She recorded a music video for "Created" not long after the August 7, 1996 release of "The Beginning..."

Can't seem to find an online version of it today.

A cover from the aforementioned record; Neil Young's "Don't Cry" is available on this page in RealAudio:

Brief interview in the Dec. 4,1996 WSU college newspaper:

In addition to her haunting "Ordinary Life" song on the Cruel Intentions soundtrack, she participated on the HOME ALIVE fundraiser set released on February 20, 1996... cut #10 of disc 2:

Note: "Joyride" predates her CD.

Two 1997 performances on the defunct "Spud Goodman Show" remain available:

Note: the above songs (Blindfolded & Emma's Leaving) aren't on her CD.

beewax said...

Thank you codemon, for this pretty information!