Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Don't be the monkey in the picture!

I am becoming with the sensation that nowadays people are starting to loose their strong relationship with music. In the old days when mp3 was a word that no one knows or even imagine, people had to buy their music so the albums or singles in question were more adore because it was more hard to get. The consequences were more hours listening the same album and a strong relationship with the music.

Nowadays everyone can get what they want in a question of minutes with torrents or P2P or even the new websites that offers music for free. So its normal that this opportunity conceded by the high velocity of internet and the large scale of downloads that internet companies give to their clients made people download more than they needed. I contact with people who download music everyday and after some days or weeks they forget some music that they downloaded. Its normal for then to listen an album less that 10 times, because after this they already have another 10 albums that made forget the one i question. People in general consume music in quantity and not in quality!

Even i fall down in this thing without notice, i start to be a regular music downloader at jamendo.com (a french website for independent artists who let people download their music for free that i already have talked here before) and when i look to myself i saw that i have downloaded music that didn't say much to me, but i got it because its was free... I'm not saying that is bad to download free or legal music, but i think that we have to download only what matters to us!

So with the internet revolution, with the massif development and distribution of computers worldwide people transform inconsequentially music in something to consume and not to adore or make it the sonorous band of our lives.

Don't be the monkey in the picture! I see that MTV likes to joke with us and with the monkey, poor monkey, he seems to be sad!

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