Saturday, December 29, 2007


Remember the underground band from Australia called Sounds of Dentage, they finished yep its right, but their vocalist, Tom have another band called Terminus. They are already recording songs for their first EP as a band. This is their biography that i rip from their official website: "Terminus is a grunge band formed in late 2007. With influences ranging from Nirvana to Throwdown, we produce a normally heavy, yet grungy sound. Wailing feedback, screeching guitar solos and heavy drumming are the kind of sounds you will find in our songs, along with twisted, deranged lyrics and head-banging stage performances. The band was formed from the ruins of what was Sounds Of Dentage. Fueled by the love of ronk, we are determined to impress alternative rocks fans around Adelaide and beyond." For more details you have their official webpage or their

Sunday, December 23, 2007

Good news for CD lovers!!

"The BPI has reported a standout trading period in the lead-up to Christmas. CD album sales could achieve the rare feat of topping the 8 million mark this week, the trade body said today, on the back of 6.3 million CD sales last week. The figures are based on Official U.K. Charts Company sales data. "This Christmas is proving that music continues to have real value in the minds of consumers, and that - combined with high quality reissues and special editions - CD albums remain hugely attractive gifts," comments BPI chief executive Geoff Taylor in a statement. Meanwhile, a tally of the 10 best selling albums of the year in Britain shows a strong flavor for home-grown artists. The first eight albums on the list originate from the British Isles, led by Amy Winehouse's set "Back To Black" (Island). Winehouse's multiple Grammy Award-nominated album is on target to finish the year as the best-selling album, with more than 1.47 million sales. Leona Lewis' "Spirit" (Syco) is the next best, with more than 1.27 million sales. The figure for "Back In Black" rises to 1.8 million when combined with sales of a recently-issued deluxe edition. Worldwide are fast approaching the 5 million mark, a Universal Music spokesman says."

News from

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Don't be the monkey in the picture!

I am becoming with the sensation that nowadays people are starting to loose their strong relationship with music. In the old days when mp3 was a word that no one knows or even imagine, people had to buy their music so the albums or singles in question were more adore because it was more hard to get. The consequences were more hours listening the same album and a strong relationship with the music.

Nowadays everyone can get what they want in a question of minutes with torrents or P2P or even the new websites that offers music for free. So its normal that this opportunity conceded by the high velocity of internet and the large scale of downloads that internet companies give to their clients made people download more than they needed. I contact with people who download music everyday and after some days or weeks they forget some music that they downloaded. Its normal for then to listen an album less that 10 times, because after this they already have another 10 albums that made forget the one i question. People in general consume music in quantity and not in quality!

Even i fall down in this thing without notice, i start to be a regular music downloader at (a french website for independent artists who let people download their music for free that i already have talked here before) and when i look to myself i saw that i have downloaded music that didn't say much to me, but i got it because its was free... I'm not saying that is bad to download free or legal music, but i think that we have to download only what matters to us!

So with the internet revolution, with the massif development and distribution of computers worldwide people transform inconsequentially music in something to consume and not to adore or make it the sonorous band of our lives.

Don't be the monkey in the picture! I see that MTV likes to joke with us and with the monkey, poor monkey, he seems to be sad!

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Growing music collection with Soundgarden

Yesterday i added more two CD's to my music collection for a very friendly price. They were released almost eighteen years ago and they belong to the classic band of the 90's Soundgarden from Seattle. You can find in these two CD's some of the most know Soundgarden songs like "Rusty Cage", "Outshined", "Jesus Christ Pose", "Loud Love" and "Hands All Over"... I am hearing these songs and they are bringing me a great nostalgic feeling about the 90's, about the golden age where Grunge was a strong movement!!! The CD's were:

Soundgardern - Louder Than Love (1990)

Soundgarden - Badmotorfinger (1991)

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Kurt Cobain & Mudhoney - The Money Will Roll Right In

"Rare vid of Kurt Cobain playing with Mudhoney. Nirvana often played this song on demoes and did live covers, but never actually released it."

Rare and old i say, because its from 1992! Rock on :)

Cat Power - I don't blame you (kurt cobain video)

Its made by a music fan, this are his words about it: "A video I made for the Cat Power song "I don't blame you" back in 2004, wich I think is about Kurt Cobain, judging by the lyrics. Even though maybe it's not about him, I thought it was fitting to make a KC related video for it, so I dug deep into my collection of nirvana videos and made a nice little montage. enjoy!"


Words from the creator of this experimental sound video: "
A few years ago I decided to make my own drumkit using stuff around my yard, then put some guitars over. This is what eventually came of it..."

Monday, December 10, 2007

Grunge is not dead

Its a cover album from 1997... I love it!

More about Nirgendwo here

Saturday, December 8, 2007

Kristen Barry

I can't found nothing about this girl of the 90's, no biography, no cd's for sale (the only store who sells Kristen Barry cd's is etc.. But she have or had? a great talent for composing songs...

This is the album that i am talking about, it's called "The Beginning.The Middle.The End" from 1996 (Virgin Label).

Seminoma - Ravage EP

A guy who sound like Nirvana?!

I love to hear this songs...

Kurt Cobain is Alive!?!?

Today i was surfing on the web when i found this, read for yourself:

Sub Pop 200

Sub Pop 200 is a great compilation of grunge. It was release in 1988 and it represents the beginning of grunge, principally in Seattle, because the label Sub Pop and most or all this bands are from this land. I think everyone who likes grunge should listen this compilation because it have a lot of bands, most of then i didn't know, but you can find Nirvana, Soundgarden, Green River, Screaming Trees, Mudhoney, Tad etc on it... And is interesting listening some bands playing songs in a very different way that is know, like for example Soundgarden...

Songs/ bands from it:
* 1 Sex God Missy Tad
* 2 Is It Day I'm Seeing? Fluid
* 3 Spank Thru Nirvana
* 4 Come Out Tonight Steven Bernstein
* 5 The Rose Mudhoney
* 6 Got No Chains Walkabouts
* 7 Dead Is Dead Hale, Terry Lee
* 8 Sub Pop Rock City Soundgarden
* 9 Hangin' Tree Green River
* 10 Swallow My Pride Fastbacks
* 11 The Outback Blood Circus
* 12 Zoo Swallow
* 13 Underground Chemistry Set
* 14 Gonna Find a Cave Girl Trouble
* 15 Split Nights And Days
* 16 Big Cigar Cat Butt
* 17 Pajama Party in a Haunted Hive Beat Happening
* 18 Love or Confusion Screaming Trees
* 19 Untitled Steve Fisk
* 20 You Lost It Thrown Ups

This cd is a rarity because Sub Pop don't make it anymore, is something like the famous single of Nirvana "Love Buzz"... If anyone have it precious, i only can say one thing: you should be very proud to have this cd or vinyl, and you are a lucky one...

Monday, December 3, 2007

Smells Like Teen Spirit?

Hell no, but it makes me remember! I found this picture at the new official website of Avril Spears It makes me remember the Nirvana "Smells Like Teen Spirit" videoclip because the band of the photo is playing a concert in a school gymnasium with a basket structure like the videoclip...

Avril Spears at Minerva Website here

Saturday, December 1, 2007

Doug Morris's an mp3 expert :)

The latest episode of Hijinks Ensue features a humorous take on Universal Music Group CEO Doug Morris's admission that the labels have been befuddled by technology.

Joel Watson, who made the comic, waxes poetic about Morris's approach to the internet

"He seems to view the internet and digital distribution as something to be feared with ones eyes averted, much like a 17th century farmer faced with some sort of vengeful hoofed Goat-God." All words from Wire Blog Network