Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Thoria - Straight From Hell

Last weekend i bought at the Thoria single or EP (called what you want) "Straight From Hell" for €2.97 (euros). It have only three songs but i am amazed with the powerful and great compositions & sound quality of then. Thoria songs have a feeling that is hard to find in these days, a feeling that is generated by their true passion for making the music that they believe, they do not follow what is in fashion or what sells more, they only make the music that is in their hearts... You have to hear these songs for understanding what i am talking about!

If you want to buy these songs at go here

For those who don't know Thoria check their


Woody said...
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Woody said...

Hey thats a cool review but if you'd have clicked the links from our myspace page you could have got the whole album, there is also the video on our myspace page which was banned in the States and also if you scroll down there is a player on there with the whole album on...but thanks again for a great review!!!

Woody said...

Hey thanks for the review excellent job but if you had clicked for the album from our myspace page you could have downloaded the whole album there.
There is also the video on our myspace for Straight From Hell, it got banned in America but was played over here. There is also a player on our mysapce which has the whole album for you to listen to.
But thank you very much for reviewing us it is most appreciated!!

Anonymous said...

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