Wednesday, October 3, 2007

A.A. Bondy - American Hearts

A.A. Bondy is one of my favourite artist, see why!

Do you remember to read an early post that i added about Verbena, this is the same vocalist in 2007, Scout Bondy! Now he is known by A.A. Bondy and he have just release in August 21, his first debut solo album called "American Hearts". This is a great album in my opinion (i already bought it)! It have twelve beautiful acoustic, blues and folk songs. If you like to read a review about it (by Jarret Keene) go here: (i publish it on Minerva last weekend).

Some words about A.A. Bondy's solo album from their label Superhonic: "Recorded and mixed in a month at The Red Barn in Palenville, NY in January 2007, “American Hearts” is dark and sardonic but it’s not as claustrophobic, tortured nor troubled as you’d expect from the former Verbena frontman. The record is actually quite beautifully stark and stripped-down and well played, filled with great melodies and warm production. The songs are wonderfully influenced by an amalgam of folk and blues, filtered through the mind of someone who knows what makes a great rock song breathe."

I found this two youtube videos where A.A. Bondy is playing live two songs from his solo album, the first one is "Killed Myself When i Was Young" and the second is "Vice Rag":

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