Sunday, October 28, 2007

Jenny Owen Youngs

"Coming up strong behind R. Stevie Moore as the most talented singer/songwriter to be based in the nondescript bedroom community of Montclair, NJ, Jenny Owen Youngs looks like Lindsay Lohan's indie-kid younger sister (though, ironically, the baby-faced Youngs is in fact about a half-decade older than the hard-partying actress-singer) but sounds like an entirely successful fusion of Liz Phair's perceptive and brashly funny lyrics and the orchestrated folk-pop of Regina Spektor and Erin McKeown, with just a hint of Nellie McKay's jazzy cabaret leanings and Cat Power's throaty, confessional angst. Born in New Jersey in 1981 and raised in the usual suburban surroundings, Youngs first picked up the guitar at the age of 14 and attended the music program at the State University of New York at Purchase at a time when that previously obscure art school was single-handedly populating what would become the entire New York "anti-folk" scene: besides Youngs and Spektor, Jeffrey Lewis, Langhorne Slim, and the Moldy Peaches' Adam Green and Kimya Dawson were all SUNY-Purchase graduates. Maintaining a friendship with Spektor, who chose Youngs as her opening act on the tours following her breakthrough album, Soviet Kitsch, Youngs wrote and recorded her debut album, 2005's self-released Batten the Hatches. Although the album garnered generally positive reviews, it attracted little notice until one of its highlights, the rueful "Fuck Was I," was used in the second-season opener of the popular cable sitcom Weeds. Signing with the Canadian indie Nettwerk Records, Youngs released a remixed and repackaged version of Batten the Hatches in early 2007." Biography by Stewart Mason from

Cay - Nature Creates Freaks

I discover a great grunge band called Cay, it seems that i discover to late, because they already ended as a band! Yesterday i bought their mp3 album "Nature Creates Freaks" at because its hard to find it on the cd format. The only thing that i have to say after heard the album a few times is that sounds great!!!

Their biography from a fan page in memory of then

About CAY
"We'd tried loads of different names, but we couldn't come up with one we liked," explains Anet. "Then one day an A&R guy rang me about a tape we'd sent him, and asked what he name of the band was. I didn't want to make us look so stupid that we couldn't even think of a name, so I glanced at the tape in my hand - on which we'd recorded a song called Cool As You - and I just took the first letters of the song title, and blurted out 'Cay'!

And so Cay was born. Anet originally comes from Holland, Nicky and Tom from London and Mark from Northern Ireland, yet this disparate quartet created a storm with their first few performances in Camden at the beginning of 1998, with A&R folk and journalists alike flocking to see them tear through their gigs - after only their third gig, a London listings magazine described them as "Seattle coming to Grays Inn Road via Camden, with singer Anet oozing like Sonic Youth or Nirvana never could - London's answer to Hole, but with better lipstick".

The band recorded a demo in March, which soon found it's way to Xfm where Ian Camfield started to play it, soon followed by The Gary Crowley Show, where it won the Demo Clash three weeks in a row. It was here that legendary independent Org Records first heard them - and promptly offered to release the demo as a single.

Better Than Myself was released as a limited edition single by Org Records in the summer of 1998, and the band started to get serious press attention, from Steve Lamacq's Music Week column and Sean Hughes in The Guardian to Kerrang! and Metal Hammer ("the future of British rock"), with rave reviews in the NME and Melody Maker along the way. And radio listeners beyond London were getting their first taste of Cay, with Mary-Anne Hobbs, Steve Lamacq and John Peel all championing the band...

Then, in September, In The City in Manchester beckoned. Cay were voted one of the three best unsigned bands at the event and were invited to play at the closing party. Industry magazine Music Week put a photo of Anet on the front cover, declaring Cay "the only true stars to emerge from In The City". The following month the band recorded a track for Fierce Panda's double-7" The Joy Of Plecs, and in November EastWest finally won the race for their signature. The signing was soon followed by the first airing of the band's Peel Session, they recorded a session for Steve Lamacq's Evening Session...then repaired to the studio to commence recording the debut album.

The band kicked off the year with their first UK tour, supporting 3 Colours Red - "It was great," laughs Anet, "because with those guys around you were never short of a drink." - and earned themselves glowing live reviews and articles in Kerrang!, Melody Maker, NME ("Cay throw everything in, turn it all up and wait for sparks to fly - stand well back and watch the reaction!") and Metal Hammer, as well as features in Dazed + Confused and Select.

April saw the release of their debut single for EastWest, the limited edition Neurons Like Brandy (Single Of The Week in The Independent and Kerrang!, with The Times commenting "Cay have made the kind of explosive record Hole never will...Neurons Like Brandy is monumental"), and June saw the release of the another limited edition single, Princes & Princesses, while the band played more dates around the country, culminating in a sell-out show at London's Queen Elizabeth Hall supporting Stereolab at the personal invitation of John Peel.

Nik Moore (July 1999)

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Scout Niblett - "Kiss" (featuring bonnie 'prince' billy)

This is the new single and video of the new Scout Niblett album "This Fool Can Die Now". What a beautiful song...

Monday, October 22, 2007

The slow dead of the CD

Music industry is suffering a really big change. The kids of today don't buy cds, people more older are starting to be enthusiastic with digital music stores, others only download from torrents or p2p, so could be this the end of the CD? I think the answer is yes

For me is being a little hard to change my way of consuming music. I always love to buy cds, but in the last two years i got an mp3 player to go everywhere with my music collection, and i started to disconnect from my cds... Other thing that i notice is that i am starting to have few space for archive my cds, i have more or less 400 cds in my room, so sometimes its a little difficult to find a specific album. With the mp3 player i find it in seconds...

By this words you can think than i am a fan of mp3, but i don't like to download music illegally for consuming because many reasons and i only bought one digital album over the internet until yet (i did it, because i couldn't found it anywhere. It happend the day before yesterday). I spent less money that the normal, it was very easy and fast! So this happenning make me think if i should abandon the CD format and start to buy mp3 in musical digital stores like (very completed and cool)

By the way i found this interesting article in the internet that i like to share with you:

By Reuters
Friday October 19, 12:45 AM

By Kate Holton

LONDON (Reuters) - Whether at home, in the car or at his desk, designer Ben Robinson is surrounded by his favourite music -- via his iPod or a Web jukebox like Pandora.

Like other fans all over the world, Robinson, 26, is benefiting from the music industry's drive to reinvent itself in the digital age. Listeners now have many new ways to buy music online -- from subscription and set-your-own price to advertising-supported.

And, of course, there is Apple's established online giant -- iTunes.

Since it has become so easy to get music online, Robinson, for one, said he is buying twice as much as he used to. And he is also going to more gigs -- all good news for an industry that has struggled with CD sales falling at an alarming rate.

Soon there may be an even wider array of choices. Ben Cardew, chief reporter of Music Week magazine, sees the industry sampling lots of new ways to sell tunes to meet demand, which he says is stronger than ever.

"Wherever you go, people are listening to iPods, music is on adverts and the live scene is doing incredibly well. The demand is absolutely there," Cardew said. "(There are) so many great new ideas -- from ad-funded to subscription and giving away your album with a newspaper."

The subject of selling music made the headlines recently after the acclaimed rock band Radiohead sold its new album as a digital download at its Web site for as much or as little as fans wanted to pay (

Pop star Prince gave his latest album away free with a newspaper in Britain, generating huge publicity for a tour.


These days there is such a variety of choice, consumers may want to experiment to find the best option for their individual needs.

One model is a subscription service that provides unlimited music for a set amount each month. Those were expected to be one of the most successful models when services like the now-legal Napster and RealNetwork's Rhapsody launched.

But some say the fact that you don't own the music, and can lose it if you cancel the subscription, has resulted in turning off consumers. Tracks sold by Napster and Rhapsody are also not able to play on the mass-selling iPod due to their format.

One way to get around this problem is the subscription service eMusic, which sells tracks in an MP3 format that can be played on any digital device. But the lack of copyright protection on the tracks means the major labels -- which sign some of the biggest bands -- will not work with eMusic.

Other options to look into are smaller start-ups SpiralFrog and Qtrax, which offer music downloads for free to consumers who will watch adverts.

SpiralFrog has recently launched its service and Qtrax is due to launch in December, while Ruckus Network Inc. already offers a similar service to U.S. colleges.

Another spot to look for music is online radio services Pandora and, which work as social networks recommending tracks between fans. Those looking for new music, particularly from unsigned bands, may want to browse through MySpace.

And, if you're willing to pay for downloads, there is Amie Street, which prices songs according to their popularity.

"It's definitely easier to get the music that you want now, there's always a way," said Mark Sutherland, global editor of trade publication Billboard. "The days of having to sift through second-hand shops (are) pretty much long gone."

(Reporting by Kate Holton)

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Mali Music

Do you ever heard about the term "music from the desert" or "african blues". If not i tell you that this terms refer to the Mali music. I am only discovering this type of music, so i only know few things about this country music history. All i can say is that i found three great Mali artists that i think you should listen principally if you like root blues. They are: father and son Ali Farka Touré (died last year) & Vieux Farka Touré and Tinariwen.

Ali Farka Touré (Biography)

Vieux Farka Touré (Biography)


Saturday, October 13, 2007

October, what a beautiful month!

October will be a great month for music releases. On the day 15th, we will have the fifth album of Scout Niblett "This Fool Can Die Now" by the label "Too Pure" and seven days later we will have the second album of Nine Black Alps, it will be called "Love/Hate" by "Island" label.

Thursday, October 4, 2007

Qtrax label's

I’m anxious for the release/ launch of why?

I always have been a hardly defender that you buy the songs that you listen, and until now I bought everything on cd. But in these days everyone makes music, rules and the music offer is much bigger than years before. If you want to get all your favorite artists legally on cd or mp3 nowadays, you have to spend a lot of money. It’s really hard! With Qtrax this problem ends because downloads are free, legal and the artists get money for each track you download. Publicity will pay everything; it’s a really great idea! I hope it works for the good of music fans and artists. If it works, Itunes, the recently mp3 store, and all the other digital music stores will have big problems…

The most popular store of digital music, Itunes have a catalog of 5 millions of songs, but Qtrax will have 20/ 30 millions. Is a very large number! This number can only be good, because you will have a most of your favorite artist’s disponible for legal downloading. You can say: I can get most of the songs that I want on popular illegal torrent or peer software! It’s true but if you want something more old and unknown it’s practically impossible to find in the internet and also on the cd stores all around the world, because some editions end and the labels don’t want to do more. One perfect example of it is Kristen Barry album “The Beginning.The Middle.The End”, I never saw this cd for sale (I am talking about new cds, not used). So Qtrax could be the solution for cases like this, not for Kristen Barry because her cd was edited by Virgin (label not included on Qtrax for now).

The labels that already had established a contract with are:
-Sony BMG
-Warner Music Group
-EMI Group
-EMI Music
-TVT Records
-The Orchad
-Universal Music Publishing Group*

* Universal Music Group owns, or has a joint share in, a large number of record labels, including:

-A&M Records
---A&M/Octone Records
---Polydor Records
---Tropical Records Music Group
-Geffen Records
---Doggystyle Records
---Flawless Records
---Matriarch Records
---Mosley Music Group
---Suretone Records
-Interscope Records
---Aftermath Entertainment
---Amaru Entertainment
---Cherrytree Records
---D-Block Records
---Delicious Vinyl
---Fontana Records
---G-Unit Records
---Kickball Records
---Kon Live Distribution
---Maloof Music
---MySpace Records
---Nothing Records
---Shady Records
---Star Trak Entertainment
---Storch Music Company
---Tennman Records
---Weapons of Mass Entertainment
---Zone 4 Inc.

The Island Def Jam Music Group:
-Def Jam Recordings
---Def Jam South
---Disturbing tha Peace
---Slip-n-Slide Records
---Corporate Thugz Ent.
---Desert Storm
---The Jones Experience
---Russell Simmons Music Group
-Roc-A-Fella Records
---Gold Star Music
---Get Low Records
---State Property Records
-Island Records
---4th & Broadway
---Fallout Records
---Island Urban Records
---Stolen Transmission Records
-Lost Highway Records
-Mercury Records
-So So Def Recordings
-Diplomat Records (Juelz Santana)

Machete Music
-All Star Records
-Baby Records
-El Cartel Records
-Flow Music
-Gold Star Music
-Ilegal Life Records
-Lico Records
-Mas Flow Inc
-Pina Records
-Sangre Nueva Music
-VI Music
-WY Records

Sanctuary Records
-Antidote Records
-Attack Records
-Castle Home Video
-Castle Music
-Castle Pie
-Castle Pulse
-Castle Select
-Fantastic Plastic
-Knockout Entertainment
-Mayan Records
-Metal-is Records
-Noise Records
-RAS Records
-Rough Trade Records
-Rough Trade Records U.S.
-Sanctuary Records U.S.
-Sanctuary Records UK
-Sanctuary Classics
-Sanctuary Special Editions
-Sanctuary Visual Entertainment
-Trojan Records
-Vapor Records
-Vertical Records

The Universal Motown/Universal Republic Group
-Blackground Records
-Brushfire Records
-Bungalo Records
-Casablanca Records
-Cash Money Records
-Chamillitary Entertainment
-Derrty Ent.
-The Inc. Records
-Konvict Muzik
-Motown Records
-Mpire Records
-Next Plateau Entertainment
-Republic Records
-Rowdy Records
-Scrilla Records
-Starchild Music Group
-Street Records Corporation
-Tuff Gong
-Universal Records
-Universal South Records
-Uptown Records
-Young Money Entertainment

Universal Music Classics Group
-Decca Records
---Decca Broadway
-Deutsche Grammophon
-Philips Records

Universal Music Group Nashville
-DreamWorks Records
-Lost Highway Records
-MCA Nashville Records
-Mercury Nashville Records

Verve Records
-Blue Thumb Records
-Commodore Records
-Coral Records
-Decca Records (jazz holdings only)
-EmArcy Records
-GRP Records
-Impulse! Records
-Verve Forecast Records

Stand-alone labels
-Barclay Records
-Bite Records
-C.O.D. Entertainment
---C.O.D. Films
---C.O.D. Records
-Cinepoly Records
-Family Recordings
-Gangsta Flip Records
-Globe Records
-Go East Entertainment
-Impact Records
-Isadora Records
-Jazzland Records
-Manifesto Records
-Motor Music Records
-Nhi Le Records
-Polar Music
-Radioactive Records
-RMM Records & Video
-Ruff Ryders Entertainment
-Show Dog Nashville
-Stockholm Records
-UCJ (Universal Classics & Jazz)
-UMTV (Universal Music TV)
-Uni Records
-Universal Music Enterprises
---20th Century Records
---Hip-O Records
---Universal Chronicles
-Universal Music Latino
-Universal Music Limited
-Urban Records

Independent labels distributed by Universal Music Group
-Battleaxe Records
-Big Machine Records
-Concord Music Group
-Hollywood Records (U.S.)
-Koch Records (U.S.)
-Palm Pictures
-Show Dog Nashville
-Softlite Records
-Starchild Music Group
-Treacherous Records
-Warrior Records
-WVS Entertainment

Labels outside of the U.S.
-Decca Records
-Def Jam Recordings UK
-Deutsche Grammophon
-Island Records Group UK
-Jazz Echo (Germany)
-Jazzland Records (Norway)
-Mercury Records (UK)
---Vertigo Records
-Polydor Records (UK)
---Fascination Records
-Spinefarm Records (Finland)
---Spikefarm Records
-Stockholm Records (Sweden)
-Wasteman records. SHO SHO
-Universal Classics & Jazz (Germany)
-Universal Music Argentina
-Universal Music Australia
-Universal Music Brazil
-Universal Music Canada (founded as the Compo Company)
-Universal Music Colombia
-Universal Music Czech Republic
-Universal Music Finland
-Universal Music France
-Universal Music Germany
-Universal Music Greece
-Universal Music Hong Kong
-Universal Music Hungary
-Universal Music India
-Universal Music Ireland
-Universal Music Italy
-Universal Music Japan
-Universal Music Malaysia
-Universal Music Mexico
-Universal Music Netherlands
-Universal Music Norway
-Universal Music Poland
-Universal Music Portugal
-Universal Music Romania
-Universal Music Russia
-Universal Music Spain
-Universal Music Sweden
-Universal Music Switzerland
-Universal Music Taiwan
-Universal Music UK
-Universal Pop (Germany)
-Urban Records (Germany)

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

A.A. Bondy - American Hearts

A.A. Bondy is one of my favourite artist, see why!

Do you remember to read an early post that i added about Verbena, this is the same vocalist in 2007, Scout Bondy! Now he is known by A.A. Bondy and he have just release in August 21, his first debut solo album called "American Hearts". This is a great album in my opinion (i already bought it)! It have twelve beautiful acoustic, blues and folk songs. If you like to read a review about it (by Jarret Keene) go here: (i publish it on Minerva last weekend).

Some words about A.A. Bondy's solo album from their label Superhonic: "Recorded and mixed in a month at The Red Barn in Palenville, NY in January 2007, “American Hearts” is dark and sardonic but it’s not as claustrophobic, tortured nor troubled as you’d expect from the former Verbena frontman. The record is actually quite beautifully stark and stripped-down and well played, filled with great melodies and warm production. The songs are wonderfully influenced by an amalgam of folk and blues, filtered through the mind of someone who knows what makes a great rock song breathe."

I found this two youtube videos where A.A. Bondy is playing live two songs from his solo album, the first one is "Killed Myself When i Was Young" and the second is "Vice Rag":

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Creative Commons

Share, Remix, Reuse — Legally

Creative Commons provides free tools that let authors, scientists, artists, and educators easily mark their creative work with the freedoms they want it to carry. You can use CC to change your copyright terms from "All Rights Reserved" to "Some Rights Reserved."

"We're a nonprofit organization. Everything we do — including the software we create — is free."

I think this is a great chance for independent artists!

For more information go here:

Monday, October 1, 2007

Nirvana MTV Unplugged DVD (finally!!)

It seems a very good DVD for Nirvana fans, and finally, finally Unplugged will be release in dvd. I was tired of waiting for this release!!!

News from

"According to a release schedule from Universal Music (Nirvana's record label), the legendary MTV Unplugged concert will finally be released officially on DVD this November. Currently, the DVD is slated for a worldwide release on November 19 with the US and Canada following November 20. Tracklisting:
1. About A Girl
2. Come As You Are
3. Jesus Doesn't Want Me For A Sunbeam
4. The Man Who Sold The World
5. Pennyroyal Tea
6. Dumb
7. Polly
8. On A Plain
9. Something In The Way
10. Plateau
11. Oh Me
12. Lake Of Fire
13. All Apologies
14. Where Did You Sleep Last Night

Update: Apparently the bonus features on the DVD will be as follows:

# 2 additional tracks not originally broadcast on MTV: Oh Me and Something In The Way (these are available on the CD release, of course)
# Behind the scenes documentary with extended band interviews
# 4 tracks from pre-show rehearsals

Both the album and the broadcast omit a short jam of Lynyrd Skynyrd's Sweet Home Alabama, and instrumental jams of Sliver, Negative Creep, In Bloom, and Scentless Apprentice"