Wednesday, September 19, 2007 & - this websites say anything to you?

This is a great new, and will be websites where people can download free mp3. How can it be, do you ask? You only have to see or get publicity first and after that you can get your tracks. The publicity on this websites will pay the users download. Great no?

"SpiralFrog is a Web-based, ad-supported music experience, combining music discovery with the free acquisition of audio and music video files, licensed from major and independent record labels and publishers.

We are a market-driven solution to illicit pirate file-sharing sites, with an easy to use Web interface that allows music lovers to discover artists, songs, music videos and artist information."

FREE! Unlimited free downloads and song plays.
SUPPORT! Agreements with major record labels and independents.
FAIR! Royalties paid to artists.
NO ADWARE/SPYWARE! No intrusive and annoying adware/spyware.
MPQ PLAYER! In addition to MPQs, play all your existing MP3 and WMA tracks.

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