Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Navel: The most exciting band in the world!

Yeah its true the Alternative / Rock / Punk band from Switzerland Navel its the most exciting band in the world!

Some info about Navel from their label: A Viennese journalist wrote about a Navel concert: 'The next piece is about vomiting - and back at the bar the old people talk about war. And it's one of these concerts where in 2 years everybody will pretend to have been, but only 50 people were, in fact, hanging around the stage. This was in April and now such little audiences are a thing of the past. Today there are shows like the Greenfield Festival (5000 raving Navel-fanatics) or in Belfort, where espacially at 'Vomiting' the pogo-mob increased up to 1000 kids. We talk about Navel. The band whos first single "Forsaken Speech" was sold out 2 months after release .They hadn't released an album yet but opened for Wolfmother, The Fratellis, Sparta, Turbonegro, ...Trail Of Dead. They Played "The Great Escape" in Brighton and internationally well reputated Festivals like, Grennfield, Paleo, Haldern, Eurockeennes, and Melt.

Some words by Navel:

"I don't waste much words. they're in english and for me. no rusty soul will ever understand anything at all. our scream is for you , that one everyone will get. the dump we're coming from lies somewhere in switzerland. Pretty & boring & busted. we got nothing else to do but R.O.C.K. guess that's pretty much the only thing were able to. guilty for navel's matter is ricola. the place i met the other two freakoes, ef & andi. we packed those nasty candies in bags. no joke... so we said to ourselves: some better death than this one we'll find everywhere. that was about 3 years ago - now louisville records outta berlin bumped into us, they do the whole record thing now ... a brilliant incidence for us to finally get out of that creepy dumphole. we don't want to be on conveyor belt radiostations, we don't like photosessions since we look better than those silly bands with suits on anyway, we hate that fucked up perfectness, love to sleep on stage and we all share that uncertain feeling not have to become very old right now.

jari in the name of navel. which is: jari antti (git/buttons/screaming) eve monney (bass/voc) steve valentin (drums since june 2007) olivier jolie (drums since december 2006, now with the fantastic voodoo garage rockers Lombego Surfers!) andi steiner (drums till january 8, 2007. andi is still hot)

bones, babes, fucking bones.

Only Label: Louisville Records"

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