Saturday, September 29, 2007

Fluffy - Black Eye

This is my new discover!

The punk four-piece band known as Fluffy came together in London in late 1994, comprised of vocalist Amanda E. Rootes, guitarist Bridget Jones, drummer Angie Adams, and bassist Helen Storer. The group's first singles, "Hypersonic" and "Husband," were released during 1995, prompting Capitol to sign them for an American deal. In 1996, Fluffy toured with the Foo Fighters and was also featured in Melody Maker. "Biography by John Bush & from"

Friday, September 28, 2007

Canned Heat - Going up the Country (Woodstock )

"Going up the Country" of Canned Heat, makes me happy and hippie :) I love the lyrics and the video with footage of Woodstock. The song of the video was also played live in Woodstock. The spirit of this event was great, it was a unique experience!

Going up the Country lyrics :
-I'm going up the country, babe don't you wanna go
-I'm going up the country, babe don't you wanna go
-I'm going to some place where I've never been before
-I'm going, I'm going where the water tastes like wine
-Well I'm going where the water tastes like wine
-We can jump in the water, stay drunk all the time
-I'm gonna leave this city, got to get away
-I'm gonna leave this city, got to get away
-All this fussing and fighting, man, you know I sure can't stay
-Now baby, pack your leaving trunk, you know we've got to leave today
-Just exactly where we're going I cannot say, but
-We might even leave the USA
-'Cause there's a brand new game that I want to play
-No use of you running, or screaming and crying
-'Cause you've got a home as long as I've got mine

Biography by by Cub Koda & Bruce Eder:

A hard-luck blues band of the '60s, Canned Heat was founded by blues historians and record collectors Alan Wilson and Bob Hite. They seemed to be on the right track and played all the right festivals (including Monterey and Woodstock, making it very prominently into the documentaries about both) but somehow never found a lasting audience.

Certainly their hearts were in the right place. Canned Heat's debut album -- released shortly after their appearance at Monterey -- was every bit as deep into the roots of the blues as any other combo of the time mining similar turf, with the exception of the original Paul Butterfield band. Hite was nicknamed "The Bear" and stalked the stage in the time-honored tradition of Howlin' Wolf and other large-proportioned bluesmen. Wilson was an extraordinary harmonica player, with a fat tone and great vibrato. His work on guitar, especially in open tunings (he played on Son House's rediscovery recordings of the mid-'60s, incidentally) gave the band a depth and texture that most other rhythm players could only aspire to. Henry Vestine -- another dyed-in-the-wool record collector -- was the West Coast's answer to Michael Bloomfield and capable of fretboard fireworks at a moment's notice.

Canned Heat's breakthrough moment occurred with the release of their second album, establishing them with hippie ballroom audiences as the "kings of the boogie." As a way of paying homage to the musician they got the idea from in the first place, they later collaborated on an album with John Lee Hooker that was one of the elder bluesman's most successful outings with a young white (or black, for that matter) combo backing him up. After two big chart hits with "Goin' Up the Country" and an explosive version of Wilbert Harrison's "Let's Work Together," Wilson died under mysterious (probably drug-related) circumstances in 1970, and Hite carried on with various reconstituted versions of the band until his death just before a show in 1981, from a heart seizure.

Still, the surviving members -- led by drummer Adolfo "Fito" de la Parra -- continued touring and recording, recruiting new vocalist Walter Trout; he was replaced in 1985 by James Thornbury, who fronted the band for the next decade. After Thornbury exited in 1995, Canned Heat tapped Robert Lucas to assume lead vocal duties; they soon recorded The Canned Heat Blues Band, which sadly was Vestine's last recording with the group -- he died in Paris in December 1997 in the wake of the band's recent tour. Boogie 2000 followed two years later.

Now Play It

'Now Play It' is a new and exciting way to learn and play your favorite songs.

This unique video service features real music and real artists all backed by real learning techniques.

It has been developed to help offer a more instant and direct way of learning, for every range of musician.

'Now Play It' aims to get people as close to the artist and songs they love as simply as possible.

If you want to play a song, there is no better way to learn than from the artist who wrote or performs it...welcome to 'Now Play It'.

Its seems interesting... Want to learn songs of you favourite artists? Go to This website won the "Best Digital Service" by the Bt Digital Music Awards 07. You can see here By the way also win the same prize!

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Downloads at The First Impression!

I made my subscription today on to start downloading legally. At the beginning i feel surprise because i didn't find any of my favorite artists, but i transformed myself into a researcher and i found some (classic) things like:

Billy Idol,
Black Uhuru,
Bob Marley,
Dave Matthews Band,
De La Soul,
Ennio Morricone,
Fleetwood Mac,
Frank Sinatra,
Happy Mondays,
Joey Ramone,
Louis Armstrong,
Lynyrd Skynyrd,
Marc Bolan,
Miles Davis,
Ozzy Osbourne,
The Kinks,
Sex Pistols,
The Ramones,
The Wailers,
The Yardbirds,
Tyrannosaurus Rex
Wu-Tang Clan

As you see, are in the beginning of a tendencie that could or not be the future, so it have few artists, most of then are classic bands like the ones i wrote here, others are unknown for most of the people. I saw very compilations like "lounge music... etc"

For downloading the albums you only have to subscribe (a easy and simple registration) and after this you are ready to get the first album from

Every song have in the beginning 10 seconds of publicity, the ones that i have listen made publicity to the respective website (maybe because its the beginning?!). But if you want you can buy the songs without publicity or if you don't you only just have to wait 28 days (see here how does it work). But if you don't mind to hear on every song the sound intruder you could have bunch of music for free. The downloads are compatible with windows media player and itunes and the bit rate of We7 songs is 192 kbps.

Another thing, if you have a unsigned band and you want to get money with your songs, you can submit then into and every download will be paid to you! Its a cool thing because you can promote your songs and get money of this promotion... I think its a great ideia and i will be watching more closely the new or future music addings....


Some press room about

"When it comes to proving who has the best model in ad-funded music downloads, We7 is winning hands-down, as shown at PopKomm in Germany yesterday.

Steve Purdham, CEO and Founder Investor of We7 (, was featured as one of four key industry players on the 'Ad-Supported Music' panel alongside Joe Mohen, CEO of Spiralfrog; Rick Riccola, Senior Vice President of Qtrax; and Christian Vollman of Germany's MyVideo. Each pitched to top advertising executives in an attempt to persuade them that their model is worth investing in, with We7 proving that their model is where the ROI and innovation lies.

The judging panel, compiled of various influential advertising executives unanimously decided that faced with the choice they would recommend We7 as the model of choice for delivering targeted and effective advertising to brands.

Founder Investor and CEO Steve Purdham comments "We're thrilled to have come out on top at PopKomm."


"We7, the ad-funded music download service, has announced the appointment of music industry heavyweight Clive Gardiner, as its VP of Digital Content.

Gardiner will head up the content team, responsible for growing We7's catalogue as the Peter Gabriel-supported company continues in its strategic growth plan and prepares for its full consumer launch later this year.

With 15 years experience working in the international music and entertainment media business, including senior executive positions held at BMG and Pioneer LDCE, Gardiner is a seasoned music industry pro at an international level and joins We7 with a proven track record in business development and content management.

Following his most recent position as UK Managing Director of multi-million pound fmcg retail business, Cafédirect plc, MBA-qualified Gardiner also boasts significant commercial business experience.

The appointment will strengthen the creative backbone of We7 with Gardiner harnessing skills gained from previous posts in video production and music programming to implement innovative solutions and strategies across the web 2.0 business.

Gardiner says: "I have worked as a musician and producer myself, so I understand the grassroots realities for new musicians as well as the different challenges of working with established artists, labels and catalogues. We7's success over the past few months has been phenomenal and it's incredibly exciting to undertake this role at such a crucial stage in the company's growth. The digital music industry is highly competitive, but with We7's unique proposition, I relish the opportunity to use my experience to help build the company into a major player."

Co-Founder and CEO Steve Purdham adds: "Clive is a fantastic addition to our leadership team. With his firm rooting in the music industry and heavyweight experience within the world of commercial business, he's the ideal candidate to lead our content team, expanding our digital presence and driving We7 forward."


The UK's largest independent label have announced that they will be providing their full catalogue free, legally and safely on

The agreement will see music from artists such as Morrissey, Alison Moyet and The Charlatans alongside the full Trojan Records catalogue become available to download DRM-free for free. The new music website, backed by digital pioneer & musician Peter Gabriel, will also feature new releases from artists such as Spiritualized and Photek.

We7 is the first free and legal service of its kind in the UK. The service works by 'grafting' ads onto the start of music tracks and albums based on a consumer's demographics such as location, age and gender. The advertising attached to the music will ensure that artists receive royalties for making their songs available, whilst consumers will receive and share DRM-free music legitimately. Ads don't remain attached to the tracks forever - after a period of time users will have the choice to have the track ad free, and for those who don't want an ad on their track at all, there's an option to buy the track at normal price.

Founder Investor and CEO Steve Purdham adds 'We're delighted to be working with Sanctuary going forward. As one of the UK's largest independent record labels, it's great that they see the value of the We7 offering and they offer a really diverse catalogue of music, from pop, indie and folk to some of the best reggae out there. We look forward to working with them in the future and building a lasting relationship which will only strengthen the We7 music base, and widen their current fan base."


Unsigned bands get paid with We7 and reach new audiences

Since launching its beta site earlier this year, has been distributing its first royalty cheques to unsigned acts across the UK.

The ad-funded music download service - backed by digital music pioneer, Peter Gabriel - has received an unprecedented response to its TasteMakers challenge with thousand of bands signing up to showcase their music to peers. As a result of this peer review system, top new acts such as Public Symphony, The Doppler Shift, and Red Eyes of Russia are already cashing their first royalty payments and Glastonbury performers Big Strides have also released their catalogue on the site.

TasteMakers is the We7 community created to review and decide which new music makes the grade to feature on Everybody who signs up to We7 has the option to become a TasteMaker and with more than 50,000 early registrations, it's fast becoming one of the most popular features of the site.

The benefit to unsigned acts is two-fold; it allows their fans to download music for free to create a loyal fan-base, but the artists earn money for their tracks by the innovative use of adverts. One of the first bands to break through in TasteMakers was Doppler Shift who has seen a phenomenal success since uploading their music.

Matt Chapman of the band comments " has been a great resource for The Doppler Shift as it's provided an opportunity for our fans to download our music completely free, without our pockets suffering! For most new bands, it's pretty much impossible to make any money in the early days, but TasteMakers has allowed us to make money and still keep the fans happy. It's also allowed us to reach out to new fans that might not have heard of The Doppler Shift before now, but have heard of us through TasteMakers. and TasteMakers will become the home of great unsigned music in months to come and something that every new band should think about."

It's not just unsigned artists that can make the most of TasteMakers. Smaller independent labels such as Monumental Management are using We7 as a platform to widen the fan base of their big act of the summer, Big Strides. Having played at Glastonbury's Avalon stage, Big Strides are on the path to fame but believe that sites such as can play a big part in this process.

Brett Leboff, MD of Monumental Management which manages the band comments " has proved a great platform for Big Strides in reaching out to fans who might not have come across us just yet, and with free music to boot it's definitely something we're excited about. We've had a great response so far and it's really helping us build an online buzz about the band."

Steve Purdham, We7 Founder Investor & CEO adds: "Our TasteMaker Challenge has created a real buzz in our every increasing community. The ability to personally review new music and bands is crucial in giving community ownership in deciding what music is good and should earn the right to be available for everyone to hear. We're thrilled to see so many great unsigned acts such as Public Symphony, The Doppler Shift and Big Strides chose our site to showcase their talent and hopefully aid their careers. The We7 offering is unique because everybody wins - signed and unsigned artists get paid, fans get free music and advertisers get audiences."

We7, a new music service from Peter Gabriel

We7 is the another servicce like and but the difference is that this service is already working worldwide. Don't expect to find thousands of artists on We7 because its only starting, but you can find great things, i am downloading now Sex Pistols and Motorhead :)

Read a review of We7 written on 06.7.2007 by Registered CommenterJadam Kahn in Review, Ad-supported, Downloads, mp3 (you can read this here:

"We7, a new service from Peter Gabriel, officially launched a beta site of their ad-supported, DRM-free download service. The business model is pretty straightforward - users can download free music that contains short, targeted ads at the start of the song and the artists receive income from the ad revenue. We7 promises that the spots will contain relevant and entertaining information that users will not find distasteful. They eventually want downloaders to choose the type and style of ads they hear to make the experience even better. They are also planning for the ads to disappear from songs after a certain time period which at this point is set at 4 weeks.

Once you register for your free account you will have the ability to browse music, create a playlist and download music. The catalog at this stage is pretty pathetic - there are only about 100 total songs from 25 artists available across all genres. Plus you would think that there would be at least songs by Peter Gabriel, but alas, no. You can browse music by a set of limited genre but hopefully the genre selection will get better as more artists are added. You can click play next to any track to hear a 30-second sample of the song. Unfortunately, you need to navigate to another page for playback which becomes a real nuisance when you want to hear lots of songs. They should seriously consider providing in-page playback. You also have the option of purchasing the song or adding it to your playlist.

You can’t download individual songs until you have added them to your playlist which is limited to 60 items. However, We7 provides a variety of way of getting music to your computer. You can either manually download items in your playlist or download them all as a single zip file. You can also subscribe to you playlist as a iTunes podcast or subscribe to an RSS feed for the playlist to hear it with another service. They also provide a widget so you can share your playlist on your MySpace, Blog or website.

Users have the ability to both rate and comment on tracks, albums, and artists. Aside from that, there are no traditional community features such as member profiles. They do provide an interesting feature is called Tastemakers. Basically We7 allows independent artists to upload music to their service. However, instead of just publishing everything, they allow the user community to review music first to help them decide what is good enough to make public. Artists need to rate at least five songs before they have the ability to upload their own music. It’s an interesting concept that helps We7 establish community feedback and control the quality of content they offer for download.

The current downloads just have We7 promo spots so its difficult to tell how annoying they will be once real ads are implemented. However, if they live up to their promise and seriously address the catalog issue, We7 may prove to be a pretty promising model. launches Amazon MP3 today

The music industry is changing, the new tendencies for selling music seems to be the mp3, so opened today the respective store. The cd is dying, oh it is! Read the respective new from

Online giant launches Amazon MP3 today, the world's largest selection of DRM-free MP3 music downloads available to date. The new public beta boasts a catalog of over 2 million songs, from over 180,000 artists represented by over 20,000 labels, including Universal Music Group and EMI Music. Leading independent labels Sugar Hill Records, Entertainment, Trojan Records, Rounder Records, Sanctuary Records, Alligator Records, HighTone Records, and Righteous Babe Records will also be offering their catalogs for the first time. Every song and album purchased from Amazon MP3 is available in MP3 format without digital rights management (DRM) software allowing Amazon customers using any hardware device and any music management application to easily burn MP3s purchased from Amazon to CD.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Gallows - In The Belly Of A Shark

This videoclip is a little more extreme than the ones that i had here. but i think its great and the sound of it pull me out of the chair to shake my head :) Its the official Gallows video released 7th September 2007, "In the Belly of a Shark".

As a disenfranchised D.I.Y. punk band from the U.K., Gallows fuse rage with a disgust with their social surroundings in the same fashion as their forefathers, the Sex Pistols and the Clash, to add a genuine urgency to their punk revival. In 2005, Frank Carter (vocals), Steph Carter (guitar/vocals), Laurent Barnard (guitars/keys/vocals), Stuart Gili-Ross (bass), and Lee Barratt (drums) formed the band after digesting a steady diet of '80s hardcore staples like Black Flag and Minor Threat and underground bands like Swing Kids and JR Ewing. Frank Carter attacks his songs with an unforced intense venomous scream while confronting perilous topics like date rape, street violence, and simmering anxieties boiling within. Gallows made their debut album, Orchestra of Wolves, on a minimal budget in September 2006 after signing to the Nottingham label In at the Deep Records. In March 2007, shortly after a SXSW gig in Austin, Gallows secured a record deal with Epitaph Records, which made plans to re-release the band's first album, with three bonus tracks, on North American soil that July. Biography by Jason Lymangrover

Cat Power - FNAC Brazil Interview (2001)

Chan Marshall interview and live performance (05.11.01)

As someone said on "oh my God Madonna Jesus's mother, what can I say about that. That's hilarious."

Thurston Moore - Ono Soul

This videoclip "Ono Soul" is an extra of the Sonic Youth DVD "Corporate Ghost". Its so beatiful!

Wednesday, September 19, 2007 & - this websites say anything to you?

This is a great new, and will be websites where people can download free mp3. How can it be, do you ask? You only have to see or get publicity first and after that you can get your tracks. The publicity on this websites will pay the users download. Great no?

"SpiralFrog is a Web-based, ad-supported music experience, combining music discovery with the free acquisition of audio and music video files, licensed from major and independent record labels and publishers.

We are a market-driven solution to illicit pirate file-sharing sites, with an easy to use Web interface that allows music lovers to discover artists, songs, music videos and artist information."

FREE! Unlimited free downloads and song plays.
SUPPORT! Agreements with major record labels and independents.
FAIR! Royalties paid to artists.
NO ADWARE/SPYWARE! No intrusive and annoying adware/spyware.
MPQ PLAYER! In addition to MPQs, play all your existing MP3 and WMA tracks.

Interesting articles about this two websites in

Navel: The most exciting band in the world!

Yeah its true the Alternative / Rock / Punk band from Switzerland Navel its the most exciting band in the world!

Some info about Navel from their label: A Viennese journalist wrote about a Navel concert: 'The next piece is about vomiting - and back at the bar the old people talk about war. And it's one of these concerts where in 2 years everybody will pretend to have been, but only 50 people were, in fact, hanging around the stage. This was in April and now such little audiences are a thing of the past. Today there are shows like the Greenfield Festival (5000 raving Navel-fanatics) or in Belfort, where espacially at 'Vomiting' the pogo-mob increased up to 1000 kids. We talk about Navel. The band whos first single "Forsaken Speech" was sold out 2 months after release .They hadn't released an album yet but opened for Wolfmother, The Fratellis, Sparta, Turbonegro, ...Trail Of Dead. They Played "The Great Escape" in Brighton and internationally well reputated Festivals like, Grennfield, Paleo, Haldern, Eurockeennes, and Melt.

Some words by Navel:

"I don't waste much words. they're in english and for me. no rusty soul will ever understand anything at all. our scream is for you , that one everyone will get. the dump we're coming from lies somewhere in switzerland. Pretty & boring & busted. we got nothing else to do but R.O.C.K. guess that's pretty much the only thing were able to. guilty for navel's matter is ricola. the place i met the other two freakoes, ef & andi. we packed those nasty candies in bags. no joke... so we said to ourselves: some better death than this one we'll find everywhere. that was about 3 years ago - now louisville records outta berlin bumped into us, they do the whole record thing now ... a brilliant incidence for us to finally get out of that creepy dumphole. we don't want to be on conveyor belt radiostations, we don't like photosessions since we look better than those silly bands with suits on anyway, we hate that fucked up perfectness, love to sleep on stage and we all share that uncertain feeling not have to become very old right now.

jari in the name of navel. which is: jari antti (git/buttons/screaming) eve monney (bass/voc) steve valentin (drums since june 2007) olivier jolie (drums since december 2006, now with the fantastic voodoo garage rockers Lombego Surfers!) andi steiner (drums till january 8, 2007. andi is still hot)

bones, babes, fucking bones.

Only Label: Louisville Records"

See Navel pictures here:

Their official website:
Their official
Their label:

Th' Faith Healers

I got some of their songs last week for curiosity, but now i am very happy to know then because they sound very cool! If you want to listen this band go to, they are there, but i don't know if its official or its made by some fan. This is their biography:

"A hard to classify guitar rock band with none of the fashionable influences of the early '90s -- although their Krautrock fixation would go on to become a badge of hipness in the latter half of the decade -- Th' Faith Healers didn't fit in the U.K. indie scene of their time, but their records hold up much better than those of many of their contemporaries.

The Hampstead, England-based quartet consisted of singer Roxanne Stephen, guitarist and second vocalist Tom Cullinan, bassist Ben Hopkin, and drummer Joe Dilworth. The group played regularly at a club called the Sausage Machine in their hometown. When the club's owners, Paul Cox and Richard Roberts, formed a new indie label, called Too Pure, Th' Faith Healers (the article's terminal E was truncated for coolness' sake; the band joked that it had been stolen by Thee Hypnotics) were their first signing. Their song "Jesus Freak" led off Too Pure's first release, the compilation Now That's Digusting Music, in May of 1990. Th' Faith Healers' first single, "Pop Song," came out that summer.

Th' Faith Healers released two EPs in 1991, February's Picture of Health (featuring the career high point "Gorgeous Blue Flower in My Garden") and October's In Love. Their debut album finally appeared in the spring of 1992. Lido's eight lengthy tracks were noisy and hypnotic grooves, noisier than the similarly sound-for-sound's-sake My Bloody Valentine and more driven than their new labelmates Stereolab (who deputized Dilworth to be their drummer on their first three singles and debut album, Peng!, before they finally found a permanent replacement in Andy Ramsay), the quartet didn't sound like anybody else at the time. A killer cover of Can's "Mother Sky," performed at the point of delirium, brought the group's Krautrock influence to the fore.

It took a while for the group to follow up such a success, and Too Pure released the compilation L, gathering the contents of the previous singles and EPs, to fill the gap. The difficult second album didn't appear until November of 1993. Imaginary Friend was darker and less manic than Lido, with the pounding 20-minute dirge "Everything, All at Once, Forever" taking the group's hypnotic drones to their logical conclusion.

The band must have thought so as well, because after a lengthy U.S. tour supporting the Breeders, then at their short-lived commercial peak, Th' Faith Healers broke up in the spring of 1994. Cullinan formed a new band, Quickspace. Stephens returned to art college, Dilworth opened a photography studio, and Hopkin became a tree surgeon." Biography by Stewart Mason, from

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Foo Fighters - The Pretender Video

This is the new video from the Foo Fighters new album "Echoes, Silence, Patience and Grace". Its call The Pretender

Silverchair: Not That Grunge Band You Once Knew

This is a very cool interview. I found it on

Monday August 20, 2007 @ 03:00 PM
By: Staff

by Shehzaad Jiwani

It's been a while since Silverchair have been on the scene, so ChartAttack recently caught up with band leader Daniel Johns to talk about what they've been up to and why it took so long to release their latest record, Young Modern.

ChartAttack: It's been five years since you put out Diorama. What have you guys been doing this whole time?
Daniel Johns: We've all been doing separate stuff. I've been writing with a lot of people, producing different stuff, working on The Dissociatives. Ben [Gillies] did a side-project, Chris [Joannou] did some production work. After I did all that work, I started writing this new material, and we did this tsunami benefit show after the tsunami, and that was the first time we played together for a few years. I had about 52 new songs written, and we really enjoyed playing together, so that was when I said to the guys, "I'm ready to do another Silverchair record," and they really wanted to. It's taken a long time, but to us, it wasn't long at all. We were all working and trying to learn new things, staying inspired.

What was it like getting back together after so much time apart?
It was pretty instantaneous, right from the first rehearsal we had. It just felt really natural. That's why we decided to do another record, it felt really natural playing together. I didn't feel that we had to pick up any momentum, it just felt like we picked up where we left off. There were a few moments where we're like, "Fuck, how did that one go?" and you're trying to remember. The vibe and the energy in the room was really positive, and everyone was excited. There were a few moments where I forgot words or chords and a few things… [laughs]

You're usually pegged as a control freak during the songwriting process. What do the other members contribute to the songs?
The other guys don't write, they're happy to let me do the songwriting and I'm happy to do it. They definitely add an element that can't be achieved without them. Whenever I write a song, I demo things or whatever, and it always sounds so much better with Chris and Ben adding their thing — it sounds like a rock 'n' roll band. They're still my best friends and we still get on really well. I'm happy to have guys behind me to make my songs sound better. It's not unusual for a band to have a chief songwriter or whatever. I like to follow one path and have a strict vision. I don't want to be in a band where I bring in a song and people go, "I don't like the way that sounds, I think this should go here…" Shut up! Stay out of it! [laughs]

Diorama seemed to float under the radar here in North America. How was it received back in Australia?
It's weird, it's the biggest record we've ever had in Australia. Our hardcore fans heard it, but as far as the mainstream perception is concerned, Diorama didn't really happen. A lot of people think Neon Ballroom was our last record. I consider our first two records to be by a high school band. I don't even see it as the same band anymore. It's just the same name. I find it to be quite natural, not even that unusual. Most musicians are embarrassed about their first bands, their high school bands or whatever, because they're silly young kids, and it's the same with us except we were phenomenally successful. [laughs] Everyone has this perception of us as being teenage grunge sensations from down under.

It's strange that you've already made such a significant artistic progression at your age, when most bands would be making these progressions well into their thirties.
It's a blessing and a curse at the same time. I do feel that it's more of a positive thing that we've got such a heads up on people. We started when we were 12 years old, and now we're on our fifth record, my sixth as a recording artist. A lot of bands coming out that are older than us are on their first record. I do feel privileged to have the opportunity to have been in the industry and to learn so much so young. At the same time, you always wonder, what would have happened if the first record we put out was Neon Ballroom? What would the perception be? It's definitely one of those things where you can only speculate. My perception is that there's a slight element of sentimentality with Silverchair. People have seen us grow up, but people still see us as a teenage kid playing grunge music. But I definitely see it as a positive thing. There's people that have seen us grow up and progress, so the fact that people still care, I feel very privileged.

Each album seems to be vastly different from the last. Where do you find new influences for each record?
The influences come from just being a fan of music. I want to always try something new and not back myself into a corner. That just comes from liking different kinds of music. That's why every album sounds completely different. I don't want to get into that sort of situation where you do one thing, and people expect a certain thing from you, then they're disappointed when you don't do it. I feel like we're one of the few bands left that are trying to avoid having an identity, as opposed to most bands trying to find "their sound." I don't ever want to have a "sound."

Verbena - My Baby Got Shot

Verbena are one of my favorite bands off all time! Its a shame they ended. Now Scott Bondy (the vocalist of this band from the past) have a solo career, he is called AA Bondy and he released his first album "American Hearts" in August 21 of 2007 by the label Superphonic. He abandoned the Rock/ Blues and get into Folk/ Acoustic sound...

Wearing their animosity on their sleeve, Birmingham, AL-based Verbena bear more than a slight resemblance to Nirvana with their gritty, aggressive rock and singer/guitarist Scott Bondy's soul-bearing vocals. Bondy began playing with Les Nuby (drums) and Daniel Johnston (bassist) when the three were in high school in the early '90s. Ann Marie Griffin (singer/guitarist) joined the trio, called Shallow, and shared songwriting duties with Bondy. Nuby left the group and was replaced by original Remy Zero drummer Louis Schefano. The band renamed itself Verbena and released the EP, Pilot Park, on Merge. Nuby rejoined the band a year later. Verbena's debut full-length, Souls for Sale, attracted attention from Capitol and Foo Fighter Dave Grohl, who agreed to produce the band's major-label debut, Into the Pink. In 1999, Johnston left the band, making Verbena a trio once again. It would be another four years until Verbena would rise again. In 2003, Nuby, Bondy, and Daviston resumed schedule with Capitol for their third album, 2003's La Musica Negra, which continued the band's move towards straight-ahead rock.

This video is from "Into the Pink" album. In my opinion is a masterpiece in music and video terms. Check it out:

Download 44 pictures: here

Saturday, September 15, 2007


Do you already see my latest Minerva band interview? If not please go and read this They are Kursed and this is one live video of then playing one song of "A Transparent Pain", their debut album that i talked on the first post of this blog...

The Vines new cover

The Vines have a new cover for "NO MAN'S WOMAN (A TRIBUTE TO WOMEN IN VOICE)". Its called 4Eva!

The best Nirvana cover that i ever saw/ heard, by Mitchel Monster

Yes its true for me this is the best Nirvana cover of the world and it was played by a ten years old kid?! Yes its true! Now he is more older and plays his own songs. He is called Mitchel Monster (its one of the artist/ bands that i added on Minerva) and he have a lot of talented.

Check Mitchel Monster on Minerva

Old Music from the 90's: Stompbox

Six Drummers

This isn't grunge but its very cool! :)

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Could work...

Shavo Odadjian of System of a Down is proud to announce the launch of a new online entertainment community,

The time has come for the music industry to feel a jolt and what better way than to offer a site that showcases the latest and greatest INDEPENDENT talent world round. is the spot for INDEPENDENT ARTISTS to shine and get voted on by their FANS to land a record deal. That’s right, the labels now will fight over you!

This is a real online art district where artists can connect with one another and their fans. Members can even create bands, check out exclusive content and even get PAID for their original music.

CMJ has got you an exclusive pre-launch invitation to join urSESSION before the site goes live to the public. So, create your profile and upload your content.

Your special invite code is: URSNOW

To learn more about urSESSION go straight to and join the revolution.

Is Grunge Alternative?

By Jonathan Hoover

Grunge is a concept that is more then just dirty clothes, ragged hair, and drug abuse. While many other styles overlap with grunge, punk in particular, none have the same mindset as a "grungie". Grunge is more than a look, it is a state of mind.

Followers of grunge tend to wear torn jeans, tee shirts (with their favorite band spray-painted on it) flannels sweaters . Shoes are universal to a grungie. If the shoe fits wear it, so to speak. As long as it is comfortable, it is a good shoe. "Punks" wear torn jeans and the same type of tee shirts as well, but never touch the other clothing. The only exception to this is footwear. Punks do not have the same philosophy as grungies when it comes to footwear, but because of the open view of the grungies, overlapping can hardly be avoided. While "grungies" oppose body piercing (who wants a piece a metal in their face anyway?) punks approve. Its seems like their whole hierarchy is based on piercings....the more you have, the cooler you are.

Both grungies and punks listen to the same type of music. Blare some Nirvana or Hole from a speaker and watch the party liven up. That is not to say that all of their music is universal....very few grungies would ever listen to Rancid or KMFDM. To punks however, Rancid is the heart of it all. Loud, fast music sung by people wearing chains, who have multifaceted hair. When it comes to hair, the two groups rarely see eye to eye. Punks enjoy mutilating their hair...a mohawk, a glob of mousse and some pink haircolor show ones uniqueness. Grungies however, enjoy natural hair. It is not necessary to dye your hair pink. Doing so does not show uniqueness, it shows how much of an ass you are.

This is not to say that Grunge overlaps only with punk. Nothing could be farther from the truth. It just seems that the two styles have much in common, and yet are so different.

Lets take alternative for example. To the clueless, alternative and grunge are two words for the same thing. Far from it. While some overlapping is inevitable, then main characteristics of being a grunge are radically different then those of an alternative follower. Dress, while similar, is not totally compatible. Chains are worn by alternative people, to make them look "cool." That in itself violates Grunge philosophy. A true grungie would not do something to look "cool." Appearance doesn't matter, it is what is inside that counts.

That is just a few examples of the differences between grunge and alternative. Trust me, there are many more, but I will not bore you with them all. I hope it is now understood that grungies are not just a subset of alternative, or any other style for that matter. It is a unique philosophy into itself." from

Saturday, September 8, 2007

Urban Castle Magic - Let It Go!

This is the first band that find on that i like. I downloaded the album yesterday. They are from Argentina and they play grunge rock music. Try download the album and tell me if they aren't good?


This is a story of 4 hard rockin' dudes embarking on an epic journey from the Galesburg area trying as hard as they possibly can to bring back real music to the hearts of people everywhere while being as loud and rockin' as they could possibly be! The band took a while to form, but as the Super Friends did, so did Fludder. The band is made up of: Dug - guitar,vocals Zalm - lead guitar, and his red hair Jake - bass guitar, backup vocals (Alright!) COW - Drums Dug and Jake were always great friends, and wanted a rockin' band for such a long time. A year past..Dug and Jake stilll looking for members for the band, they were later introduced to Zalm and Cow..and the rest is history.

Do you know Its a music website like others, but it have a difference! Every artists give their albums for free downloading. Its free and legal but don't expect to find mainstream bands sharing their songs on this site, but its very cool to find new sounds...

By the way one album that everyone can get is "A Transparent Pain..." of Kursed

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